8 pcs. Show Poster Gift Tag Stickers, Unique Antique Style Envelope Seals, Junk Journal & Card Making Illustrations, Opera and Musicals, 829
Rare Paper Detective

8 pcs. Show Poster Gift Tag Stickers, Unique Antique Style Envelope Seals, Junk Journal & Card Making Illustrations, Opera and Musicals, 829

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SHOW POSTER TAG STICKERS. Show Poster gift tags, envelope seals & junk journal illustrations with a Victorian antique theme! Popular for birthday party decor and card making. Each label is about 2 inches wide. This special set is affordable and priced right for a nice selection of rare opera, musical and Broadway show tags. They will add an eye popping element to journals, note books, planners and card making projects. All these fun images have nice deep rich color tones with the worn feel of old ephemera.


What makes my labels so unique and sought after? They come arranged on 1 sheet of just about the best photo quality sticker paper you can find with superb vintage color tones, crisp graphics and easy peel backing. I offer so many affordable sticker choices because I'm able to print them without expensive dies. You just cut and peel the easy to use scored backing. The POWERFUL adhesive will stick to virtually all dry surfaces and the matte stickers are weatherproof!

Visit My Etsy Store: www.etsy.com/shop/rarepaperdetective & see over 1000 items!

Here are the specifications of your sheet:

  • 8 Images
  • 1 Sheet
  • 5.5 " x 8.5”
  • Watermark does not appear on your product
  • Acid Free & Archive Safe

ABOUT MY SHEETS: Each of my 8.5” x 5.5” sheets are created from very old ephemera, antique advertising catalogs and papers as well as Victorian trade cards from our huge archive. They can be used for so many different projects including: Collage Art, Journal Making, Scrapbook, Clip Art, Home Décor, Bookmarks, Card Making, Up-cycling furniture & accent pieces and so much more.

ABOUT MY IMAGES: These old images, sometimes 100+ years old, are reproduced with only minor alterations and retain their worn charm with whatever aging, creases, small tears and other natural antiquing that the originals had. The old graphics and printing styles are reproduced as well. They make for eye popping art pieces with lots of character and a historic museum vibe for your projects.

ABOUT MY STICKERS: My stickers are not die-cut so we can provide affordable stickers for all our designs. Just cut the designs out and carefully peel and stick. Matte sticker paper has scored lines on the back and gloss sticker paper does not. The quality, color and fun vibrant graphics are sure to please. You will find very few shops anywhere that can offer the variety of stickers that I offer. 

TERMS OF USE: For your personal use only. Digital downloads may be printed as many times as needed for personal use only. You may use images from our sheets as part of an item for resale in small quantities. You may not use our listing pictures for your own use. You may not share, distribute or sell our sheets or downloads in whole or in part by any means unless permission is granted.

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