About Us:

Preserving our heritage through the paper arts. A simple concept that sprung up from my own interests and hobbies. We started collecting transportation memorabilia nearly 60 years ago. Being creative, we wanted to use these antique images as stickers, accents, collage pieces and more. It was unthinkable to destroy originals! So, they were carefully scanned, restored where needed and reproduced in a variety of formats for our use. As the years went along all sorts of advertising types were added to our collection until now virtually all old paper is collected, preserved and cherished. The art work and designs were un-rivaled and something rarely seen in todays advertising. In an effort to make these collectables easily accessible for fellow hobbyists to use, create and appreciate we have made them available, when possible, to others to enjoy and create with. High quality reproductions, no fear of destroying originals and with love and care, enjoy all that we offer. Happy paper crafting!